Brief Introduction of Solududhkunda Municipality

Solududhkunda Municipality is the first municipality of solukhumbu district. It was formed in 2071 mangsir 17 merging five VDC's such as salleri, loding, tamakhani, gaarma and beni. This municipality is located at eastern development region which has latitude 27.502103 and longitude 86.586122. In 2071, Dudhkunda Municipality had a population of 11,247 and area 254.3 square kilometer and in 2073 more vdc's were added such as Takshindu, Kerung, Gorakhani and Tapting and named as Solududhkunda municipality . At the time of 2068 Nepal census, the municipality had population 20,399 and area 538.09 square kilometer and at bikram sambat 2074 Phalgun 14, tingla vdc included within the solududhkunda municipality as a result, the total population and area is 24,323 and 565.06 square kilometer respectively. It is divided into 11 wards.

विद्यालय भवन पुननिर्माण कार्यक्रम सम्बन्धमा ।

राष्ट्रिय बालदिवस २०७५ मनाउने सम्बन्धमा ।

High Density स्याउ बिरुवा सम्बन्धमा ।